“An original mix of nature, culture and good time, for an unforgettable boat tour””

BOARDING: Port of Palau    DEPARTURE:  9:30 a.m.    DURATION:  about 6 hours

For the private tours the itinerary can be customized according to your needs

see below few examples of the excursions that we organize


private trip

Natour-Sardinia-Boat tour-Corsica-view-of-Bonifacio-cliffs

The boat tour starts from Palau and passes along the village of Porto Rafael and its beautiful villas.
After 35 minutes of navigation we will stop in the incredible natural pool of Piana island with its shallow and transparent waters. Then we will see the exclusive Cavallo island, very chic but still wild, where we will have a tasty picnic with local products and white wine from Sardinia.
We will have a snorkeling tour in the Lavezzi island, sourrended by big schools of curious fish and stunning granite rocks.  On the way back we will stop again in one of the beautiful beaches of the la Maddalena National Park for a last relaxing swim.

This boat tour can be choosen only with almost perfect weather conditions.

  • Duration: about 6,30 hours
  • Itinerary: Piana, Cavallo, Lavezzi, Arcipelago della Maddalena
  • Stops: 3/4


private trip

Natour-Sardinia-boat tour-Mortorio-Island

After the departure we will pass between the Caprera island and Baia Sardinia admiring the impressive sight of the Bear Rock and the charming fjord of Poltu Quatu.
Once past Porto Cervo and its luxury marina we will stop in the Pevero bay. There you can join the guide for the snorkeling safari tour. Second stop for a swim and a tasty snack in the Mortorio island, one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda.
Then we will stop in one of the pristine small beaches of Caprera, far from the crowd of the tourist destinations. During the all trip we will see the stunning cliffs and villas of the Costa Smeralda.

This boat tour can be choosen only with almost perfect weather conditions.

  • Duration: about 6,30 hours
  • Itinerary: Mortorio, Caprera, Costa Smeralda
  • Stops: 3/4


private & shared trip

Natour-Sardinia-boat tour-La-Maddalena-view-of-Soraya-beach-in-Spargi

We start from Palau we will stop first in one of the amazing beaches of Spargi island (Connari, Soraia, Granara or Corsara bay) for snorkeling and landing ashore. Then we will move to Budelli to see the wonderful Pink beach from the sea, that, depending on the currents, can turn pink due to a microrganism in the water. We will have a tasty picnic in the Natural swimming pools, so called due to the incredible color of its waters.
Then we will stop in the Santa Maria bay or in the wild and untouched Razzoli island. It is also included a breathtaking sightseeing tour to admire the granite formations and the old abandoned forts from the past centuries.

This boat tour can be choosen with almost any weather conditions.

  • Duration: about 6 hours
  • Itinerary: Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria, Razzoli
  • Stops: 3/4

Driver: an expert driver, discrete, flexible and knowledgeable about the area, will take care of you during the all trip.
Guided tour: the boat driver is also a certified tourist guide who will illustrate you the historical and naturalistic oddities of the territory.
Snorkeling-Gear: we provide masks, snorkels and fins. Besides, are available life jackets for kids and adults and a waterproof book about the sea-life of the area.
Tasty Snack: we offer a rich selection of local food, traditional bread, salami, cheese and some veggies. Sardinian white wine, water and soft drinks for the kids.

For the best comfort of all, we onboard a maximum of 8/10 passengers per tour.