The half day boat tour is the perfect solution for those with limited time but that don’t want to miss wonderful places and an unique experience”

Morning: BOARDING: port of Palau    DEPARTURE:  9.30   RETURN:  13.00
Afternoon: BOARDING: port of Palau    DEPARTURE:  14.00   RETURN: 17.30

  below few examples of the excursions we organize


private & shared excursion

Natour-Sardinia-Half day-Boat-tour-La-Maddalena-archipelago-The-Pink-beach-in-Budelli

We start our boat tour from Palau, we sail along the coast of the exclusive village of Porto Rafael to proceed to the north of La Maddalena Archipelago.
The first stop is in one of the five heavenly beaches of Spargi Island, in which you can enjoy a relaxing swim or decide to experience the under water world doing the snorkeling safari.
Then, we keep on cruising to Budelli Island, famous all around the world for the “Pink beach” and its “Natural swimming pools”. In this amazing setting of cristalline waters and mediterranean colours we offer you a tasty apetizer and some refreshing drinks. On our way back to Palau, if we have still time at disposal, we could have a third stop in another enchanting and uncrowded inlet.


private excursion

Natour-sardinia-Half day-Boat-tour-la-maddalena-archipelago-the-Candeo-fort-in-Caprera

The boat excursion starts from Palau, we cruise to Villa Marina bay, a hidden inlet in Santo Stefano island, where we can admire the Napoleonic fort and the monument in honour of Admiral Ciano.
After, depending on the direction of the wind, we drop the anchor in another nice and uncrowded spot to make a snorkelling safari underwater tour.
Then we sail up along the coast of Caprera Island in which we take a break for a second swim in one of its beautiful coves. In cala Napoletana or cala Serena we will have a yummy snack with a refreshing white wine.
On our way back to Palau we enjoy the view of Garibaldi house, the old XIX° century military fortresses and the characteristic and cozy town of La Maddalena.


private excursion

Natour-Sardinia-Half day-Boat-tour-la-maddalena-archipelago-Granara-bay-in-Spargi

The half day Island trek excursion starts from Palau. We sail to Spargi island or Santo Stefano island depending on weather conditions and client’s whishes. Once ashore we begin to hike an approx 1 hour trail through granite rocks and Mediterranean shrubs, to finally explore a beautiful old military installation. All the way to, the tour guide will briefly illustrate you some botanical and historic odds of the area.
Afterwards, we put our masks on for a refreshing swim along the coast, doing the snorkelling safari tour accompained by the guide.
To end the journey with a bang we go onboard to explore another beautiful bay of the archipelago in which we can have a tasty snack and a toast with some excellent local white wine.

Guided tour: the boat driver is also a certified tourist guide who will illustrate you all the historic and naturalist oddities of the territory.
Snorkeling-Gear: we provide you with masks and snorkels. Besides, are available life jackets for kids and adults and a waterproof book about sea-life of the area.
Tasty Snack: we offer a small selection of local food matched with some fresh sardinian white wine. For kids we have on board some sweets and soft drinks. Water is included.

For the best comfort of all, we board a maximum of 9 passengers per trip.