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Our Green Actions: Commitment to Sustainability

At NatourSardinia, we value the beauty of Sardinia and are deeply committed to preserving its unique landscapes and marine life for future generations. Our dedication to environmental preservation is at the heart of every excursion we offer.

Eco-FriendlyΒ Excursions

Our tours are designed with the utmost respect for nature, operating in small groups to minimize our environmental impact. This approach ensures more personalized and educational experiences, actively promoting and encouraging sustainable practices among our guests.

Snorkeling with a Purpose

Snorkeling is not just an activity; it’s a chance to connect with the marine ecosystem and understand its fragility. We provide our guests with information on how to snorkel responsibly, avoiding damage to the marine habitats. Our guides are trained to share insights about marine conservation and the species you encounter.

Beach Clean-Up Initiatives

We actively participate in and organize beach clean-up events, inviting our guests and local communities to join us in removing trash from the shores and waters. During our boat tours, we never miss an opportunity to engage in these clean-up activities, making them integral parts of the experience.

Carbon Offsetting

Since 2020, we have been collaborating with Ecologi, an organization dedicated to environmental preservation and carbon offsetting, to compensate for our CO2 emissions. Through Ecologi, we fund climate projects and plant trees, effectively engaging in the global movement towards sustainability.

Renewable Energy Initiative

Moving towards sustainability, since 2021, the NatourSardinia office in Palau has been powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy.This initiative has been made possible through our partnership with LifeGate Energy, ensuring our operations are supported only by Italian-certified, zero-impact energy sources.

Be Part of Our Journey!

When you pick NatourSardinia, you’re not just choosing a boat tour; you’re joining a family that’s deeply committed to protecting our planet.

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