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A romantic journey for all those who love the calm and the warm light of the evening


If you like short tours, lonely places away from the crowd, this is the tour for you!

The Sunset Cruise lasts about 2 ½ hours . It starts from Palau or la Maddalena at 4.30pm, when most of the other tourist boats are already heading back to the port. This allows you to enjoy the islands of La Maddalena Park and its beautiful beaches with a few people in the warm light of the sunset.

We offer two itineraries, one boat tour goes to Spargi Island and the other to Caprera island. These two islands are amazing, both rich in nature, pristine beaches and clear sea water. Please note that we will suggest you the best itinerary considering the weather conditions.

We usually plan 2 stops for swimming, snorkeling or going ashore. Apart from visiting some of the most beautiful places in Sardinia, you will learn also interesting things, your captain is also a certified tourist guide indeed. He will enrich the boat trip with some exacting anecdotes about the Maddalena Archipelago along with showing you all the charming details along the way. The boat trip includes a tasty aperitif on board with a fine selection of seasonal and local products and white wine.

This boat tour is a relaxing experience, ideal for families and small groups of friends who prefer not to stay in the sun too long. The amazing landscape illuminated by setting sun makes this cruise perfect also for those who are looking for a romantic and creative proposal idea. 

DURATION: ca. 2½ hours
DEPARTURE: 4.30 pm
ITINERARY: Spargi or Caprera Island

Food tasting and Beverage
Snorkeling equipment
Multilingual guide

Only Private

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